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#1 cheesecake in brooklyn


It's the Simple Pleasures in Life


About Us:

True happiness is the smell of a freshly brewed Grumpy Coffee, the taste of a freshly baked cheesecake and most of all, happiness is sharing these simple pleasures in life with loved ones at the Cheesecake Diva in Brooklyn. 

P.S. - thank you for all the love and support!!


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Come check out our 25+ flavor of homemade cheesecakes. 



We partnered with Grumpy Coffee to bring you the freshest roast daily.

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Besides cheesecake,we offer other delicious goods.

at Cheesecake Diva

At the Cheesecake Diva, we are dedicated to high-quality fresh produce created daily for you to enjoy in-store, at home or with friends and colleagues around Brooklyn and NYC. Each day we create over 25 different cheesecake styles for you to savor with your favorite coffee or bubble tea, from the classic cheesecake to exotic flavors and experimental ranges, we have something for every mood and taste.