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#1 cheesecake in brooklyn


It's the Simple Pleasures in Life


About Us:

What started as a hobby and a dream, became a desire to make some of the best homemade cheesecake in New York City.  Each day, We strive to become better and fill each cheesecake with love and care. Hoping to bring a smile to each customer everyday. Come by, and say hi, we would love to serve you!

P.S. - thank you for all the love and support!!


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Come check out our 25+ flavor of homemade cheesecakes. 



We partnered with Grumpy Coffee to bring you the freshest roast daily.

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Besides cheesecake,we offer other delicious goods.

at Cheesecake Diva

Check out our storefront. Cleanliness and presentation are two of our top priorities. 

Our Cheesecake and coffee are also top notch!