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assorted cheesecakes

about our cheesecakes

The Cheesecake Diva is your local sweet treat cafe, your favorite coffee spot around the corner, your friendly neighborhood hangout to catch up with friends over a coffee. Whether you’re looking for a quick fix taste experience or a large order for your upcoming party then we are the cheesecake solution your soul has been searching for. 


Stop by today and try our 5-star menu (as voted by our Yelp reviewers), enjoy our little bites of happiness that make every day better. We truly appreciate your support and love for a little local Brooklyn business, working to make the community a happier place with each cheesecake inspired smile. 

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#1 cheesecake in brooklyn

Our Products

Each day, we bake our cheesecake from scratch leaving the customers with a taste of home. Along with freshly homemade cheesecake, we serve specialty coffee, egg waffles with ice-cream and bubble teas.


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