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about our cheesecakes

Cheesecake Diva’s story begins with the unfortunate loss of our main pâtissière’s beloved dog. Our main pâtissière, Chris, was stricken with grieve. Depressed, Chris seeks for distractions. She began to bake and experiment with different cheesecake recipes. Her happiness grew as her cheesecake improved and gained approvals from her family and friends. Each smile and compliment she got from her family and friend inspired her to open a cheesecake coffee cafe. With her cheesecakes and sweets, Chris hoped it would share her happiness and enjoyment to her customers. Life is not about making other people happy; life is about sharing your joy with others. Cheesecake makes life just a little sweeter.


#1 cheesecake in brooklyn

Our Products

Each day, we bake our cheesecake from scratch leaving the customers with a taste of home. Along with freshly homemade cheesecake, we serve specialty coffee, egg waffles with ice-cream and bubble teas.